Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello all :)

Yesterday I was reading through everyones blogs and I saw this. I jus HAD to try it out :)
It's so cute, and really simple to do, without looking simple :) I really like it.

However, I needed a dark green polish. I don't even have one. What the heck? I looked all in my stash, and I couldn't find it... maybe i've just never purchased one. Weird.

(picture from ebay)
 Also, I had to use a bobby pin for the dots (which works just fine, just a little tricky to hold steady.) I have been waiting foreverrr for my dotting tools to come in (from Hong Kong.) Did you know that Sally's has ONE dotting tool for $6 and you can get these for about $2 including shipping? Not to mention, they're really cute. I love ebay :) lol. Hopefully they will come in today! *crosses fingers*

OH! Before I forget to post this, Elemental Styles is hosting a giveaway for a lot of great things. Go check it out :) only two days left!
Anyways, gotta get back to my chores! Have a lovely Monday everyone!<3

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