Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello there!
I've been seeing Big Ruby nail tattoos coming up everywhere! So of course, I had to try them.

They have 6 different designs, but I only bought 2 for now. I ordered sea creatures and tweet.
Each set contains two sheets of tattoos with 10 designs. 86 tattoos in mani and pedi sizes.

(I'm a sucker for owls, so I HAD to get these!)

(just a little fyi, I almost hit an owl last night in my car.
I got my nail tattoos yesterday... with owls!
so it had to be a sign that i should use those first. lol!)

Also, the shipping was incredibly fast. Not even an hour after I ordered these, they had been shipped. I ordered these Monday afternoon, and saw them in the mail on Friday. I don't think i checked the mail on Thursday, so it's possible I got them on Thursday.

Overall, I really like them. Really easy to apply, just do it like you would any temp tattoo. Not to mention, they are so freakin cute. I can't wait to use the sea creatures!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! <3


  1. Wow! Those look soo cute! Do they come off with polish remover? I bought nail stickers, and you literally have to pick them off your nails. And how much did your purchase come out too? I payed $5 for like, forty designs that all faced the same way, so my left hand always had different designs than my right hand!!

  2. yes, they do come off with nail polish remover! Each set is $12.00, so my total came out to be 24.00. A little expensive for some people, but they are really easy to apply, AND they have mirrored images for left and right hand :)

  3. Cool and thanks for answering! I plan on checking these out!