Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello :)
This past weekend just went by SO fast. I feel like I have not had time to do anything, ah.
First off (and nothing to do with nails!) I found a puppy in our ditch! It had been raining ALL week, so I guess she was in the pipe and getting soaking wet :( poor baby...

(letting her ears dry after her bath lol)
Ok, on to the nails! My cuticles have been horrible. I've never used any cuticle oil on them or anything. I bought some from Sallys a few weeks ago, it was in an orange tube (I cant remember the name, but it smelled like mango.) It felt gross, super oily and you have to wipe it off because it never soaked in. I went to walgreens Friday and saw Sally Hansen's Nail Nutrition, with green tea and soy... I love it! It says to use daily, and I probably use it about 3-4 times a day. My cuticles are on their way to getting healthy! :)

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  1. Oh I like it with the black tip!! Looks cool!