Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I finally got my Julep Maven package. They sent it to the wrong person, so it got opened. I finally got it, with everything in it.

I'll just show you pictures of what I got today and I'll do a review of Alfre tomorrow.

(my bag was ripped open on the bottom... :( )
 I received three polishes, a not yet released color for fall, Alfre, a pink named Cameron, and a clear base, Nail Therapy. Also a trial sized pack of lotion and hand scrub and a full sized bottle of Facial for hands.

Have you ordered a Julep package yet? If so, what was in yours?!

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  1. I ordered one and got the exact same thing! :) I see a lot of people are getting American Beauty. I have not tried any of my polishes yet, but I love the Facial for Hands Scrub.