Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello :) I just tried my very first water marble. Well, kind of. I tried it on one finger before... but that was a train wreck so I never tried it again! lol.

I used blue (China Glaze- Shower Together) and green (China Glaze- Tree Hugger), to look like a globe! aha. Too bad it isn't Earth Day.

(I wish they all looked like my middle fnger... sigh.)
 I should have definitely cleaned up better afterwards, but the blue kept staining my whole finger! Remind me not to use blue for water marbling again lol.

This was probably the messiest thing I've ever done, mainly because it's just sticking your finger in a pool full of polish aha. (I did use tape, though.)

How do you think I did? Too messy?


  1. I think it looks nice! I love blues and greens! I would have gone for a less bright green/neon green but it looks good all the same :)

  2. I think you did a great job! were you able to do more than one finger at a time?

  3. Ooooh I love the color combination!! Marbling is so messy - not sure I'm going to retry it but I sure do love seeing what others come up with.

  4. Wow thats a really nice look:) really good colour combo, its like the sea! So bright looking:) Also on another note saw your post about your storage! Thats my dream storage!! Lol:) Thanks for the follow, following you back:)

  5. @PrettynLacuer, I didn't think Tree Hugger was neon, it does look really bright on my nails though.

    @Jacki, I did two my index/middle finger together, ring/pink together, and thumb separate :) It worked out ok!

    @serendipitously, thank you :D I probably won't do it again for awhile but it was fun :]

    @Audrey, thank you so much :] I'll probably need a whole new shelf soon, idk where i'll put it though I dont have much wall space! lol. No problem, thank YOU!

  6. Did you put tape all around your nail before marbling? I think tape (two pieces parallel to the length of the nail and one perpendicular) would minimize the amount of clean up required.

  7. I used tape, but when I would clean my cuticles the blue would just smear everywhere ha.